COVID-19 Announcement

In Emelisse Nature Resort we adapt our operation considering the new Safety standards & Hygiene protocols,

while at the same time it follows quality standards in services according to ISO9001: 2015 and quality standards in catering according to HACCP & ISO22000: 2005.
Starting from the reduction of our Hotel’s daily occupancy, providing on-line check in, our employees using the appropriate equipment will be welcoming our guests in our outdoor spaces and gardens always keeping the safety distances.

Main measures & procedures:


Check out time will be at 11am and check in will be at 4pm in order to have additional time for the thorough cleaning of the rooms.


Welcome package with individual items, antiseptic, cleaning products.

All non-basic items such as magazines, brochures, laundry bags, mini bar are removed from the rooms.


A disinfection team is being formed in each hotel, that will supervise the cleaning of the rooms and will specialize in cleaning rooms with suspicious or confirmed cases of coronavirus. In the event that the potentially ill cannot be transferred to a health center or the nearest hospital, a separate area will be created with strict distance and occupancy measures for the rooms and special cleaning will be carried out.


At Emelisse Nature Resort, the joy of food is a must. The buffets are maintained with the necessary plexiglass protectors, because they are a feature of our product and are highly valued by our guests.

To protect health, safety measures are introduced, which must be observed by both employees and guests. All employees keep a safe distance.

Breakfast and dinner hours are valid due to the reduction of restaurant capacity. In addition, disinfection of the hands is mandatory upon entry. Temperature control is even stricter. The tables are covered with disinfected tablecloths and cutlery while they must be replaced by each customer. The tables are placed at the provided safety distances.

One or two a la carte options are provided, and self service during the day.


The frequency of cleaning and disinfection of the pool and hydromassage areas is increasing and disinfectants suitable for the current situation are used for water.

Water, soft drinks and snacks are available self service. Our hotel provides sunbeds and umbrellas at the right accommodation distances according to health standards.

Services available: groom, spa, gym, sports.

With the publication of the Greek health protocol for the operation of hotels, the management of Emelisse Nature Resort is committed to its full adoption.


Customer & Employee Health & Safety Policy

The main goal of Emelisse Nature Resort is to create a basis for continuous improvement of the efficiency of its processes, always keeping in mind the continuous protection and security of its customers and employees.

In this context, Emelisse Nature Resort has developed an action plan that includes all the precautionary measures we have taken as well as the urgent measures that will be taken in the event of a possible case.

Discontinuation of transmission and spread of a virus and / or disease is now an integral part of Emelisse Nature Resort’s business plan. Proper planning and faithful implementation of measures and action plans contribute to an overall mechanism for ensuring public health. Compliance with health rules is no longer a cultural choice but a necessity. Minor failures are not allowed but continuous compliance, vigilance and review throughout the range of activities are either direct (providing services) or indirect (corporate activities and activities). It is maintained and expanded throughout the operation of Emelisse Nature Resort

The basic principles governing the philosophy of Emelisse Nature Resort in this area are:

  • Observance of legal and regulatory provisions and other requirements drawn up by the National Health Organization or other authorities involved. We have installed a monitoring mechanism that immediately activates the changes and notifies them to the entire organization of the Company.
  • Observance of agreements and commitments to customers in order to increase the sense of security and satisfaction
  • The constructive cooperation with all suppliers / partners
  • Promoting communication and informing those concerned with a spirit of honesty and mutual respect. In this regard, all communication channels offered by marketing and technology are used to communicate, among other things, the successful level of compliance with the requirements of the certification system.
  • The continuous information, training and encouragement of the staff for their active participation, at individual and group level, in their psychological support and in general in the continuous improvement of the work environment.
  • Respect for personal data and health information of customers, partners and employees. In this context, specific guidelines are given to protect the dignity of individuals who may be carriers, patients, or considered possible / suspected.

All Emelisse Nature Resort employees are responsible for responding to, assimilating and implementing procedures, guidelines, action plans, training programs related to the certification system management system.

Emelisse Nature Resort has included in all educational programs and announcements issues related to negative behaviors and social stigma. For this purpose, a relevant directive has been prepared which is communicated to the staff with announcements, e-mails, training, etc. The Company makes it clear that the negative behaviors associated with the onset of the disease are not acceptable and are a serious reason to investigate any collaboration.