• Emelisse Hotel

      Emelisse Hotel

      The Emelisse Hotel is situated along the rugged shoreline of the emerald Ionion Sea. It sits in a spot of supreme serenity amongst acres of native cypress and cedar trees on the beautiful island of Kefalonia. The pools and outdoor restaurants and bars provide front row seating for an unparalleled display of nature’s splendour. The sunset is mesmerising and has the power to bring you back to an inner stillness that is so rare in modern life. At night the hotel is lit by soft lamps and candlelight, transforming it into a romantic, whimsical wonderland. Snuggle up on a plush sofa on one of the numerous expansive terraces from which you can gaze up endlessly at a stellar canopy of velvety, indigo sky.

    • Assos Beach

      Assos Beach

      Situated only 10 km away from Fiscardo, the beach of Assos is a hideaway of authentic beauty, with small pebbles and a sandy seabed. The beach is situated near several picturesque cafes where you can enjoy a cold drink or coffee.

    • Foki Beach

      Foki Beach

      Enjoy the peace and tranquility of a beach that has been hidden from the crowds. Only 5 minutes away from Fiscardo, this unorganized private beach attracts people who enjoy a sheltered pebbled beach with crystalline waters. The trees that reach the shore provide ample shade and add a unique emerald glow to the sea.

    • Dafnoudi beach

      Dafnoudi beach

      Situated at the northernmost tip of Kefalonia, only 5 km from Fiscardo, the beach of Dafnoudi is a well-kept secret not reachable by car. Follow the road to Antypata village and leave your car anywhere possible, then walk for 800 m. through a shaded trail and prepare to be amazed!

    • Kimilia Beach

      Kimilia Beach

      Germenata is blessed with a paradise-like, relatively unknown beach called Kimilia. Though unknown, Kimilia is one of the most beautiful and quietest beaches of the island. Part of its myth is that, in order to reach the beach, one must walk on a beautiful path, covered in green, through a wonderful, virgin natural landscape for 10 minutes. It’s a safe, clear path, which can be walked by anyone even in the scorching August heat, as most of the way is shaded by beautiful trees. It’s difficult to describe the beach’s beauty in words, because it’s close to being a dreamlike scenery that travels you. It is not by chance that anyone who visits the beach doesn’t want to leave and stays there many hours, experiencing a surely unforgettable experience.

    • Myrtos Beach

      Myrtos Beach

      The most famous beach on the island is world renowned for its exotic natural beauty, its crystalline waters, its alluring white sand and steep cliffs that submerge into the sea, it is fully organized and it is the perfect place to enjoy the exotic scenery and the mesmerizing sunset.

    • Emblisi beach

      Emblisi beach

      A quiet, charming, unspoiled beach with thick pebbles situated near Fiscardo ideal for hours of relaxation by the sea. The beach offers a breathtaking scenery with deep crystal clear waters worth exploring.

    • From Port

      From Port

    • From Aiport

      From Aiport



Luxurious Hideaway in Fiscardo Kefalonia

Nestled in a natural landscape near the picturesque village of Fiskardo in Erisos, the Emelisse Nature Resort provides a heavenly Fiscardo Kefalonia retreat in one of the most enchanting locations on the island. Encircled by the scintillating Ionian sea and the Ionian Islands of Ithaca and Atokos, the Emelisse Nature Resort in Kefalonia, Greece offers the perfect sanctuary for relaxing retreats and rejuvenating Fiscardo holidays. The enviable secluded location, the private beach, the scenic village of Fiscardo nearby and the number of activities provided ensure a holiday beyond imaginable in the gorgeous island of Kefalonia.

Extraordinary Fiscardo Holidays

Set in a privileged location near the fishing village of Fiscardo, the Emelisse Nature resort provides the perfect base for your island holidays, your daily excursions and sightseeing tours as it brilliantly combines the secluded peaceful location with bespoke services that give guests the opportunity to arrange the most exciting adventures, excursions and tours to some of the island’s most renowned sites and attractions. The battery trail, the cypress trail and the numerous boat routes give guests the opportunity to discover the island from side to side and unravel its hidden treasures while guided by professional experts turning their holidays into memories to treasure for life.

Kefalonia island

The beautiful island of Kefalonia covers an area of 782 sq. k. and is home to 40.000 inhabitants. It is the largest island in the Ionian sea and it was named after its first inhabitant Kefalos. Renowned the world over since ancient times for its unique character, its verdant landscapes, its charming fishing harbours, its traditional villages and mesmerizing beaches as well as the National Park and Mount Aenos which is the 3rd highest mountain in Greece boasting spectacular views to the endless horizon, Kefalonia is definitely an island filled with wonders. Right across from Ithaca, home of Odysseus as mentioned in Homer’s Epics, Kefalonia is a mythical place worth discovering. The island emerged from the sea after an earthquake and its prominent position secured a place in trade that made Kefalonia a wealthy island with a continuous cultural development.




Fiscardo is a place drenched with abundance natural beauty, with sites and attractions worth discovering and many choices for leisure and entertainment. First off we advise you to visit the Fiscardo Environmental Museum established at the old elementary school of Fiscardo at the top of the hill.

Then make sure to arrange an amazing cruise on a traditional wooden caique with the reception to the crystal clear waters of the Ionian sea or rent a car to explore the island on your own pace and convenience. Visit the island of Lefkas or Ithaca on a boat excursion organized by Nautilus. Take a tour to the beach of Dafnoudi and a walk to remember to the WW2 Gun Emplacements.


Myrtos is a landmark of Kefalonia, it is a must for every traveller due to its exotic atmosphere. Experience utmost relaxation while gazing at the mesmerizing scenery and spend a day on the beach to remember.


An exceptional walk to the fortress of Assos, a steady climb uphill worth taking to enjoy the magnificent views of the drastic rugged landscapes, the hidden coves and gorgeous beaches all encircled by the shimmering Ionian sea.

Built amphitheatrically around a serene natural harbor, the village of Assos boasts one of the most dramatic landscapes in the island. Its romantic ambiance, its narrow backstreets and seaside cafes are definitely worth visiting and so is the monumental Venetian castle offering breathtaking views to the island’s northwest coastline.


Set off on an enchanting walk through a forest of olive and cypress trees and herb scented valleys and keep on walking until your reach the spell-binding cove of Dafnoudi. The area of Dafnoudi is an area of exceptional beauty worth exploring from side to side. We can organize a bus transfer for you to the area and provide you with a map to find your way around. While in the area of Dafnoudi make sure to admire up close the German gun emplacements remnants of WW2.


No visit to Kefalonia is complete without a visit to the world acclaimed Gentilini Winery. Embark on a winetasting tour, learn about the wines and savor many different labels on your visit. You may purchase some wines during your visit to enjoy during your holidays or as a reminder of your holidays during winter.

Opening Hours:
Tastings: Monday-Saturdays 10:30-2:30 and 5:30-8:30. June 1 – September 15
By appointment at 6932 718-730: 5:30-8:30 June 1-September 15
Directions: Gentilini is located on the main Argostoli-Airport road, 2km past Lassi and the White Rocks hotel.